As the new year, 2022, is fast approaching and the pandemic continues, are you still busy finishing up all your end of the year plans? As you take stock of what has happened this year and reflect on goals for the coming year, are you also thinking about your future, as well?

Again, as you think about the past year and look to the future, what are your goals for yourself, your loved ones, and your legacy? What do you immediately need to accomplish before the end of the year? What are you thinking that the future may hold for you? We encourage you to include in your planning either completing or updating your Florida estate plan with an experienced Florida estate planning attorney.

Do you have a current Florida estate plan? If your answer is yes, have you updated it recently? Do you have questions on where to begin to update it? Consider the following seven questions for your use, in addition to your own, to ensure that you have the peace of mind that can come from good estate planning.

  1. Who will make your decisions if you are not able to make them for yourself and if you own a business, who will handle your business affairs if you cannot?
  2. Will your out-of-state estate planning documents be valid and acceptable in Florida?
  3. Have there been any changes in your family structure that necessitate the need to update your planning, including, have you added pets to your family?
  4. Do you have a taxable estate and has your accountant or investment advisor recommended you make gifts?
  5. Should your adult children be in charge of your finances?
  6. Do you need additional insurance policies?
  7. Will your retirement plans be able to support you as you age?

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