During the Covid-19 pandemic, have you considered that many senior citizens have come to rely on using technology to stay connected to friends and family? Now, even after being vaccinated, seniors may find that continuing to keep abreast of new technology to keep in touch with loved ones may be an important tool for the future. Let us take a look at three technology tips for seniors to use moving forward.

  1. Make Sure You are Secure. Prior to using new technology, it can be important to make sure you understand the security features available and make use of them so that you stay protected while you are staying connected! Never give out your personal information before checking to ensure it is necessary for using the basic functions of your smartphone or computer, or for using a specific app that you need to call or contact friends or relatives. If you set up text or email, never answer any messages from people you do not know asking for money or your personal information. Keep in mind that scammers often pose as people you do know when making these requests. If you get a message from someone that appears to be a relative or friend of yours, contact them directly first to make sure it is actually them. This means calling on the person’s home phone if you get a text or email from him or her to confirm his or her identity, not sending a message back!
  1. Ask Family and Friends What Apps to Install. If the purpose of using new technology is to stay in touch, it can be helpful to know how you can best do that with your loved ones. Your kids may enjoy emailing you, but your grandkids may only check their text messages, so find out which is the best way to get in touch with the person you want to contact. If a grandchild uses a particular app to create and send artwork, ask them how to download it so you can see projects. If you have something you would like to do yourself, like accessing music on your smartphone, see what your choices are for music and what subscription may be best for you, so you have an all-access pass to your favorite tunes.
  1. Check Your Monthly Bill. Paying for texts, phone calls, and apps can add up quickly. Make sure your Internet plan and your phone plan work well together and fit your monthly budget. Check to see how much data you get each month, and ensure you do not go over the limit to avoid hefty overage fees.

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