When it comes to your loved ones, that you care most about, you want the best for them. During this December one of the best gifts you can give is that of your time. Although it seems like a simple gift, it is one of the most valuable. During time spent, especially with parents and grandparents, you can take the time to learn how they are doing and talk to them about long-term planning. 

While it is true that this is a subject that most of us would like to avoid, it is one of critical importance. Having the time to discuss early, before a crisis occurs, what your aging loved ones would want to happen to themselves is invaluable. Beyond this, the peace of mind that comes from the family being able to work with an experienced elder law attorney to ensure a lifetime of savings is protected from nursing home bills is an invaluable gift. 

What should you talk about? Where should you start? We find most of our clients have these questions and we understand because long-term planning can be complicated. Let us share an end of the year long-term care planning checklist that you may use when talking to your loved ones about long-term care planning over the holidays, or anytime throughout the year.

  • Do they live at home?
  • Are there mobility issues within the home?
  • Is the home equipped to age in place?
  • Do they have a life alert or alarm system in place to help them should they fall?
  • Have there been changes to doctors or medications?
  • Are their doctors still covered by their insurance?
  • Are there new health care concerns that have arisen over the past year?
  • Have there been deaths of reliable caregivers or within the local support system?
  • How is their mental health?
  • How collaborative is the family dynamic?
  • Is their Florida estate plan up to date?
  • Does their Florida durable power of attorney include super powers?
  • Are they able to live comfortably off their monthly income?
  • Do they have long-term care insurance?
  • How long could they afford to pay for a nursing home bill out of pocket?
  • Have they worked with an experienced Florida elder law attorney to create a plan for long-term care?

While long-term planning can be a difficult conversation to begin, it is critical. It can be framed in a way to plan for everyone’s future as well as provide certainty, which can often be missing in the aging process. When you, your parents or loved ones plan for their long-term care, the entire family can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with that.

We do telephone, computer, and face-to-face appointments. Our face-to-face appointments are held outside in the open air (frequently selected by clients for document signing) and inside our office conference room. We follow all CDC guidelines. Our office procedures adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols and are designed and enhanced by medical review and air quality engineering.