Did you know that May is National Older Americans Month? Communities, families and loved ones are encouraged to get involved in learning about the issues that our Older Americans face as they age. Do you have an older loved one in your family? Do you have neighbors who are older? This month think about how you could help the elders in your life by reading the following.

1. Consider grocery shopping and meal planning for an Older American. You can relieve stress for senior loved ones with mobility issues, and provide nutritious food choices. Prepare easy-access finger-foods and pre-cooked multi-serving dishes can be helpful. Also, using plastic cups, plates and straws can reduce clean-up.

2. Consider helping aging parents by keeping their laundry clean, and by laying out loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Also, buying comfortable shoes and clothes with Velcro and large zippers can help your loved ones adapt to temperature changes and varying weather.

3. Consider supervising bathing because bathtubs and showers can be slippery and dangerous. Be sure to remove any throw rugs and other such obstacles to reduce the risk of falling. There is adaptive bathing equipment that is helpful, such as shower chairs and hand-held showerheads.

4. Consider dental care because a lapse in dental care for Older Americans could lead to complicated, and painful, health issues. Make sure elder loved ones are rinsing their teeth after every meal, and help them brush or keep their dentures clean if they need assistance. Consult a dentist for more specific advice.

5. Consider adaptive safety equipment that can help seniors use the toilet safely. Equipment, such as raised toilet seats and grab bars. Have them work on a daily routine of bathroom visits to avoid accidents.

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