What is one of the first questions people ask, when the time comes to execute a will or trust? How do I choose an estate planning attorney near me? Attorneys abound and there are multiple options to locate an attorney, but perhaps the most important way to answer this question is to first consider what it is you are seeking to accomplish.

Are you a single person about to head out on an adventure that would like the reassurance you have a will in place? Are you a parent and grandparent, who is also the president of a lucrative family business and the owner of multiple homes? Are you a married couple, who have an adult disabled child, who you want to make sure is provided for? You may relate to one or none of these. Regardless, these examples should make it clear that there are many different goals of estate planning and some estates are much more legally complicated than others.

Once you consider the estate planning issues you need to address, asking family, friends and co-workers for suggestions is a good starting place. You can also look on-line or contact a local bar association for names of estate planning attorneys.

When you have a list of attorneys, you are getting close to answering the question: How do I choose an estate planning attorney near me? Next, you should research the attorneys on-line by looking at their website and reading reviews. After you narrow down your list, contact the attorneys and ask about their experience with your estate planning issues, their fees, and for references, if you would like to speak with former clients.

Laws and life situations are constantly evolving and a final aspect of getting the best answer to how do I choose an estate planning attorney near me should include whether you can see yourself working with this attorney for years to come and what the firm’s succession planning entails.

Hopefully, this article has equipped you with the tools to answer the question: How do I choose an estate planning attorney near me? Now is the time to take that important next step of getting an estate plan in place. Our office is ready to assist you in establishing a strong estate plan. Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.