Did you know that Attorney Allen Poucher has dedicated over 17 years to serving the Riverside area of Jacksonville by providing trusted legal counsel in the areas of estate planning and elder law? With the COVID-19 crisis persisting, Attorney Poucher remains committed to serving his community by seeing to it that his clients have legal protections in place to help them through some of the toughest situations life can throw their way.

With so much uncertainty about the nature and impacts that COVID-19 can have on a person, many remain, understandably, anxious about what the future holds. After so many years practicing estate planning, Attorney Poucher has seen first hand the sense of calm putting a strong estate plan in place can bring to a person and his or her family. With so much uncertainty, you can rest assured that you have legal protections in place that will serve you and your loved ones in the middle of the most difficult of times.

Attorney Poucher also has extensive experience in the unique and complex area of elder law. There are many issues at play in elder law and experience in the field can make one more adept at identifying the issues, asking the right questions, and seeking out the right solution. Experience and organization is key in elder law and Attorney Poucher has worked hard over the years to put systems in place that best serve his elder law clients. Helping someone coordinate coverage so that he or she can rest easy knowing they will be able to afford long term care can be a powerful accomplishment and Attorney Poucher does not take his role in this lightly, to say the least.

Should you have more questions about how Attorney Poucher can help you in the areas of estate planning or elder law, please call our office.  In addition, please reach out to us anytime to schedule a meeting.