The truth is that Covid-19 is reshaping the way we do things whether we like it or not. For many of us this means stay in place orders, shelter at home instructions, and a general change to the way things get done in our normal lives. Just because things have changed, however, does not mean that protecting yourself and your family is any less important than it was before. In fact, arguably now, it is more important than ever.

This is just one of the reasons why our law practice is staying open. We want to ensure that you, your loved ones, friends and neighbors all have access to experienced estate planning attorneys who are able to help you navigate these challenging times. 

As estate planning attorneys we do much more than help you prepare to transfer your assets to those you care about at the time of your passing. We ensure that you have lifetime protections as well. This can include advance directives, such as healthcare documents and living wills, as well as financial documents, such as the durable power of attorney, that ensure your wishes can be honored during your lifetime.

Let us share just a couple of the ways we are helping you in our local community during the covid-19 crisis through our new office practices right here.

1. Telephone meetings. We understand that social distancing, and your overall safety, is of the utmost importance. We have created office procedures so you do not physically have to come into our law firm for your first appointment. We can meet with you to discuss and address your concerns over the telephone, as well as videoconferencing.

2. “Drive By Signings”. One of the times when we are in most close contact with our clients is when we are executing their planning documents. We want to make sure you are safe at all times, and this means we are putting in place “drive by signings”. As crazy as it sounds, it is actually very practical and helps accomplish social distancing practices. You will be within your car at all times. We look forward to discussing with you how we put this in place for you in your meeting with us.

3. Help paying for long-term care support. We know how important it is to make sure that if you or a senior loved one needs to enter into a skilled nursing facility that you have a way to pay for it. The most important thing right now, and at all times, is to find the right care for you. We work with you to develop elder care solutions that can help you access valuable public funding programs, such as Medicaid, to help pay the high cost of monthly care.

We know this blog may raise more questions than it answers. Let us help you find the solutions you need for your estate planning and elder care during covid-19, and beyond it. Do not wait to contact our law practice so we can help you and your loved ones.