Did you know you could protect your digital assets with your estate planning? Did you also know that when you begin creating your comprehensive Florida estate plan you can include your digital assets? What are your digital assets? They include a range of electronic records, including everything from social media accounts to digital photos, to email, to online accounts. Do you know how to protect them? Did you know that digital assets can be included in your estate planning? In fact, you can secure your digital assets by planning for the future with your Florida estate plan. The following insights may help you when you meet with your Florida estate planning attorney in how to include digital assets in your estate plan while, in the meantime, keeping them secure.

Does the protection and preservation of all your passwords concern you? It is critical that you address the security of your digital assets both now and in the future. We are aware that it may be very difficult to keep track of all of the different passwords you use to access your different accounts on a frequent basis.  One suggestion to help you keep track of your passwords would be to make a written list and keep it in a locked desk drawer, lock box or home safe. We suggest that you keep this list where you can access it frequently for whenever you need to make updates to your list. Another suggestion is that the passwords you choose be strong and not easily figured out. In fact, you should change your passwords at the very least, once a year.  Check on your digital assets often to ensure your passwords have not been compromised. If they have, update them immediately. 

Is it possible to have your digital assets as part of your estate plan? Of course! In fact, your Florida estate planning attorney can advise and assist you. There are digital assets that are financial, like a digital Paypal, Venmo, or bitcoin account. Some digital assets are sentimental, like a collection of photographs or videos of your children and grandchildren. We suggest that you have a trusted person who will be able to access these assets after you pass away. We recommend that you select a trusted relation or friend with your password  information and keep your trusted password designee informed of where you keep your password list so he or she can access it when the time comes. When working with your Florida estate planning attorney, you may wish to detail who should have access to your digital assets when you create your Florida will, or leave your personal representative instructions in regard to your passwords.

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